Why do you want to become a pharmacist?

Pharmacy belongs to the most popular careers all around the world. Clean working environment, smart colleagues, and exceptional salary–these are the typical reasons why people decide to pursue the career in pharmacy.

In your interview, however, I would suggest you to speak about different reasons. Desire to help people, your passion for healthcare, the fact that you like the nature of the job, etc.

You should also avoid connecting your application with your studies. Saying that you apply because you have graduated from the field would indicate a must, not a desire. And that would be a bad sign for the interviewers…

Sample answers

I have always been interested in treatment of various diseases, in drugs, and in medical equipment. It was my passion and I never hesitated when choosing my career. What is more, I believe to have a good personality for this job, and believe that I can bring value to the store working as a pharmacist.

Every person has some skills, and everyone is good in doing something. People enjoy talking to me, because I am a good listener and I have a good understanding for their needs and problems. On the top of that, pharmacy has always been my field of interest, so I want to become a pharmacist simply because I like the job and the things we do in work each day.

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