About us

PharmacistInterviewQuestions.com is a proud member of Career Consulting Association, an independent organization that unites skilled career coaches and job interview coaches who try to help the job seekers with a tailored advice.

PharmacistInterviewQuestions.com was established in April 2013 by Anita Stosur, who has worked for six years in a Healthcare Recruitment Agency H20, that specialized in the Pharmacy Industry. Anita tries to transform her experience and knowledge to a simple to understand advice that will help the job seekers to prepare for their interview in a best possible way. She also runs another website for medical assistants.

In her free time, Anita enjoys walking in the nature, reading poetry, and playing with her daughter Lisa.

Traffic and other statistics

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  • More than 350,000 people visited the website since April 2013. The pages/session indicator and avg. session duration indicator belong to the best numbers in the industry (acc. to Google bench-marking reports).
  • We have received traffic from more than 500 different traffic sources, the leading are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Indeed.com .
  • We have welcomed visitors from more than 200 countries, led by US, UK, India, Canada, and Philippines.

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