What study subject did you like the most? What subjects did you struggle with?

Pharmacists must know their job. We will give you couple of questions targeting your studies, and in later stages of an interview also some practical questions, to see what you remember from your studies, and to consider whether you are ready to do the job. 

I suggest you speak about practical subjects and your residency (if you went for residency), since it shows that you enjoyed a real job of a pharmacist, and that you know what will be expected from you on a daily basis.

Each of us disliked some subjects at school. Tell them what you struggled with, and how you overcame the struggles (you did overcome them, because you graduated at the end :). Your attitude is what matters to us the most.

Portrait of mixed race doctor with colleague and female receptionist in hospital reception

Sample answer

I really enjoyed the APPE we had to complete. I had the chance to do a real job under supervision, and the experience convinced me once again that I want to work as a pharmacist all my life. I believe it was a great preparation for the job. If I should pick one subject I struggled the most with, I would say Calculus. I didn’t even pass the exam for the first time, I had to repeat it. But I understood that every subject is important, and I worked hard until I finally passed my exam from Calculus.

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