Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Different jobs offer different options for career growth. You can become a specialty pharmacist, or you can pursue a career of a consultant, or become a pharmacy manager. However, it is questionable whether these jobs offer something better, or just something different. Speaking in general, most pharmacists keep their jobs, and a good job applicant should not dream of a quick promotion.


Connect your future with their pharmacy

We prefer to hire loyal pharmacists, people who would not leave us in three months, or as soon as a better offer reaches their mailbox. Try to always connect your future with the pharmacy (hospital, retailer). Tell them that you like their brand, and that you can imagine working at the same position in five years time. Alternatively you can aim for an internal promotion, or specialization.

Sample answers

I would love to specialize in chronic illnesses. However, I understand that I need some practice before pursuing this direction, and therefore I applied for this job. I know there is an option to become a specialist in this hospital, and I hope to achieve my goal here in five years time.

I do not really think about what will happen in five years time. My goal is to become a pharmacist, and to do a good job day after day. I may think about career growth later, but it is not on my mind right now.

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