Where do you see yourself in five years time?


Informal jo interview in a pharmacy backsideDifferent jobs offer different career growth possibilities.

You can become a specialty pharmacist, or a resident pharmacist, or you can possibly pursue the career of a consultant. However, it is questionable whether these jobs offer something more than a typical position of a community pharmacist offers. Taking it into account, you should not aim high in your interview answer.


Connect your future with their pharmacy

Is in not easy to recruit a good pharmacist, and it costs money. What’s more, each of us needs some time and practice to become a good employee. Companies prefer to hire loyal pharmacists, people who would not leave them in three months, or as soon as a better offer reaches their mailbox.

Try to always connect your future with the pharmacy (hospital, retailer). Let’s have a look at good answers.

Sample answers

Talk in a pharmacy interviewI would love to specialize in chronic illnesses and complicated diseases. However, I understand that I need some practice before pursuing this direction, and therefore I applied for this job. I know there is an option to become a specialist here, in a few years time, and I hope to achieve my goal in this hospital.

I do not really think too much about what will happen in five years time. My goal is to become a pharmacist and do a good job, day after day. I may think about career growth later, but it’s not on my mind right now.

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