What problematic situations can occur in a daily job of a pharmacist?


Job of a pharmacist seems an easy position for many people, especially for those who never tried doing it. But in reality one deals with all kinds of clients (good and bad), and many difficult situations happen quite regularly.

Employers prefer to hire people who do not wear pink glasses, and are ready to handle all aspects of their job, including the negative. Therefore you should acknowledge the problems, and talk about them in your interview.

Elaborate on your answer

Interviewers may give you further questions about problematic situations, e.g. dealing with drug seeking behavior. However, you should go ahead and talk about it on your own. Show them that you are aware of the problems and ready to solve them should they arise in your job. Let’s have a look at some good answers.

Group interview in a pharmacyThis job is not easy. One has to talk to all kinds of people, old and young, nice and angry, clever and not so clever. It may be difficult sometimes to meet wishes of every single customer, but I work on my communication skills, trying to learn to talk to every person in a most appropriate way, even if they are angry or rude.

Being unable to read a prescription is a serious problem. I prefer to have contact details of all medics and officials, to be able to confirm what they originally wrote. People seeking drugs represent another problem. However, they taught us how to spot such a behavior and I know what to do in such a case.

Drug interaction is one of the common problems we face. It is important to keep your knowledge up to date, so you will notice all possible interactions, and you will be able to explain the situation to the customer. It may also happen that we do not have what the customer needs, or wants. In this case, we should offer him an alternative product, or if we don’t have any we should suggest him another place, a different pharmacy.

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