What are your strengths and weaknesses?


This typical interview question scares many job seekers. Nobody like to talk about their weaknesses, especially if they try to impress someone, and get the job. What’s more, we can always see the weaknesses of the others, but we often struggle to identify our own weak spots. All in all, it’s a difficult question.

On the other hand, once we overcome the emotional difficulty that relates to this question, we should be able to list some strengths that are relevant for the job. And that’s exactly what you should pick for your answer:

  • good communication skills
  • ability to understand the needs of other people
  • patience and responsibility
  • orientation on detail
  • ability to talk to all kinds of people
  • problem solving skills

Not all weaknesses matter

Young woman is ready for her interview in pharmacySimilar approach applies to our weaknesses. Certain skills are crucial for other roles, but they do not matter for a pharmacist. For example, a good pharmacist does not have to posses any management or leadership skills. They do not have to posses great computer skills either. . . . Such skills simply aren’t needed in this particular position.

You can even choose a weakness that may be considered a strength by certain employers, such as being over-friendly to patients.

You should think about yourself, trying to identify the strengths and weaknesses you’d talk about in an interview. And you should elaborate on your answer, explaining how you try to improve on your weaknesses. Recruiters will appreciate that attitude.


Good answers

Nice handshake in a job interviewI have good communication skills, and I do not have a problem to talk to anyone. On the other hand, I struggle to manage people, to lead them. I plan to work on my management skills in the future, to improve on this weakness.


I am patient, responsible, and I do not mind doing the same job day after day. I also posses decent problem solving skills. But I would love to improve on my computer skills. They aren’t that bad, but I should improve on them to keep the pace with young generation. I recently started to attend evening computer classes.


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