Imagine an angry and a stupid customer. How would you deal with each one?


Success in a job interview, smiling womanAnother question targeting your customer service skills. Most customers are nice, but some will be angry (for any reason, or for no reason), or stupid (won’t understand your simple instructions on dosage and frequency).

Stupid or clever, calm or angry, client is always right. It is your duty to try your best to deliver excellent customer service. Pharmacies want people to return, and to spend their money time and again in their stores. They don’t want  to see angry customers leaving the store, heading for a competitor’s shop.

Have a plan

First of all, you should stress that you try your best to not upset the clients. After that you should elaborate with a plan of action with angry or stupid customers, focusing on the following:

  • Making a sale
  • Helping the customer
  • Ensuring they will come back again

Let’s have a look at sample answer:

I always try my best to provide an excellent customer service. Staying focused, I try to spot the client’s mood and their frame of mine, and adjust my behavior accordingly. If the client is angry, I have a clear plan of action. I tell them they are right, I may repeat it more times, even if they complain about the price. When they calm down I explain them what we can do about their problem, or say that we can’t do anything. I never get angry in my job, regardless of what the patients do or say.

I try and use simple language, and I always write the instructions on a piece of paper for not-so-clever customers. I repeat the instructions until I am sure they understood. I try my best to ensure clients will come back to our store, and become regular customers of the pharmacy.

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