Describe the time when you went above and beyond what was expected of you?


Pharmaceutics is a competitive business. Practically each retail store operates a pharmacy. We have big retail chains, pharmacies in hospitals, and many other, independent market players.

Qualification and knowledge won’t be enough. You need to show something more in your interview:

  • excellent communication skills
  • ability to understand the needs of the others
  • ability to deliver more than expected

Do not forget on the huge competition we have on the job market right now. You need to deliver an actual value, in order to have any chance to succeed, and get a job.


Group interview for the pharmacist position

Non-verbal communication matters

Do the interviewers feel good with you? Do you keep an eye contact? Do you do everything you should do while talking to the customer?

Unless you present yourself as a friendly, patient, and customer oriented pharmacist, your great qualification won’t help you. They will hire someone else. 

No working experience

If you have no previous working experience, try to speak about similar situations from other jobs, from the college, from the family life. All you have to do is to talk about the situation when you did something extraordinary.  Your attitude matters, not the details of the situation.

Sample Answer:

I consider it my duty to do my best for every customer. In my last job, I often called my friend, an expert in electronics, to ask for an advice when a customer asked a specific question I couldn’t answer. The customers really appreciated my help and many of them eventually made a purchase.


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