What to Expect in Your Interview for Pharmacist Position?


interview in the pharmacyIt takes plenty of effort and six to eight years to obtain a qualification of a pharmacist. One really spends a lot of time at school and once he finally finishes, he finds himself in a pretty big debt… After all the effort and money invested, many people do not get a job of a pharmacist, because of oversaturated job market. One may ask: How is it possible? There is a pharmacy on every corner , isn’t it?

Many new pharmacies are being opened every year, that’s true. However, there are still much more graduates from this field than the market can employ. On the top of that, once a person gets a job in a pharmacy, he or she typically keeps it for many years. So there are not so many new vacancies, at least when compared to other fields of healthcare employment. Statistics shows that approximately ten applicants are interviewed for every single job opening of a pharmacist. One job, ten candidates. That is a simple math. On the pages of PharmacistInterviewQuestions.com, we will try to help you to be the best of the ten applicants and get a job. Welcome!

What will happen in your interview?

Job interviews at pharmacies and hospitals have typically a pretty good quality. Interviewer is an experienced pharmacist, or an HR person specializing on this field. It cant be any otherwise, because¬†it is a sensitive field. Interview questions are personal, behavioral and technical. Interviewers inquire about various specific situations that can happen to pharmacist in his daily job, as well as about opinions and attitudes of the applicants. Let’s have a look at the specific questions they typically use.


It is not only about your answers to interview questions

Pharmancist working after the successful interviewIn order to succeed in a pharmacist interview, you need to realize one thing. It is not a medical position. It is primarily the customer service position. You meet people, you talk to people, you help people. Or at least you should do so.
Therefor, interviewers observe a lot of things while you reply to their questions. Do you smile? How do you act? Do you communicate clearly enough? Do you speak to the point? Are you a good listener? Can you keep attention to details? Do you have a right personality for becoming a pharmacist? Are you motivated to have the job, or do you apply for it only because you have invested your time and money to studies?

The interviewers observe everything… In order to succeed, you need to present yourself in a right way, as a dedicated and motivated professional who strives to provide the best possible customer service in a pharmacy or in a hospital. Nowadays, there is a pharmacy on every corner. If patients are not satisfied with the behavior and professionalism of the employees, they will just shop nearby next time. Employers know it and test your customer service skills in an interview.


Personal references and recommendations

One time I heard that it is impossible to get a job of a pharmacist without a right connection. Well, to believe to such a statement is ridiculous. Yet, there is a little truth in it… A connection can help you a lot, especially to take a place of someone retired or someone planning to leave. You should not underestimate the power recommendations. It is time to polish your old address book, give a call to few people and see if someone can give you a helping hand. If yes, it is great. If not, you can still succeed with the help of our website, doing something more than the other job applicants do.


What to say at the end?

Well, it’s not easy to get a job of a pharmacist. One competes with plenty of other qualified applicants and it’s tough to be victorious at the end of an interview… If you really want to do your best to succeed, you should check our Pharmacist Interview Guide from Anita Stosur. You will find there multiple brilliant answers to all interview questions presented on this website, as well as winning interview strategies.¬† It’s your chance to outclass the other job applicants. But will you take it?

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